The millet porridge cooked in the evening is just added with the favorite cold dish – refreshing fungus. This is my favorite cold dish. Every time I eat a large plate of rice, I eat it cleanly. The fungus was carried back by dad from the deep mountains and forests of Changbai Mountain. It really tastes very good. Let dad boast how he knows it. Relatives who like to eat fungus can also bring some back from the Northeast when traveling


1 handful of black fungus
1 cucumber
Proper bean skin
Right amount of carrot
Proper pepper oil
Proper amount of refined salt
2 drops of sesame oil
A small amount of monosodium glutamate


Step 1
After the fungus is soaked, blanch it in boiling water for about two minutes, which not only avoids being immature, but also maintains the crispness of the fungus.

Step 2
Wash cucumber and cut into pieces.

Step 3
Cut the bean slices into small pieces.

Step 4
Carrot slices.

Step 5
Mix all side dishes, add refined salt, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate and pepper oil, and stir well.

Step 6
Just put the plate. It's delicious as a small cold dish in summer.