Although the weather is hot enough at the beginning of autumn, it’s cool to make a pea jelly and mix a red oil juice


A cup of pea starch
Five cups of water
One gram of salt
Appropriate amount of mashed garlic juice
Appropriate amount of hemp juice
Appropriate amount of red oil
A little scallion


Step 1
Prepare pea powder and small red oil

Step 2
Put a cup of pea powder into a bowl. The pea powder can be put into a flat cup. Don't weigh it, according to the volume ratio

Step 3
Add a cup of water and stir well to form a thin batter. Continue to use the cup containing pea powder

Step 4
Put four cups of water and one gram of salt in a small pot. Heat over low heat until the bottom of the pot begins to bubble

Step 5
Pour in the mixed pea paste, stir quickly with a scraper and keep stirring

Step 6
Stir until the batter becomes transparent and begins to bubble, then turn off the fire

Step 7
Pea paste can be poured into the mold. Any appliance can be used without oil

Step 8
Cool thoroughly and turn pure white

Step 9
It can be buckled on the chopping board, sliced and shredded

Step 10
Mashed garlic, sesame juice (early mixed), chili oil, stir well.

Step 11
Mixed sesame oil sauce

Step 12
Place the jelly on a plate, pour the seasoning and sprinkle with scallion