Red oil beef Venetian


300g tripe
4 slices of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
10g dry pepper


Step 1
Wash and shred the beef louver;

Step 2
Chop two pieces of ginger and garlic;

Step 3
Add water to the pan, put in two pieces of ginger and bring to a boil;

Step 4
After boiling, add the cut beef blinds and blanch them;

Step 5
Add cooking wine after about one minute;

Step 6
Continue to cook for half a minute, turn off the heat and remove the beef louver;

Step 7
Put the beef blinds into cold water immediately, take them up after a while, and drain the water for use;

Step 8
Another pot, put two tablespoons of oil, high heat;

Step 9
Heat the oil to 60% heat and add the dried pepper;

Step 10
Add a large spoon of chili sauce;

Step 11
Stir fry over low heat for one minute, turn off the heat and pour into a clean bowl;

Step 12
Pour the red oil into the beef blinds soaked in cold water;

Step 13
Add ginger and garlic;

Step 14
Add a little refined salt;

Step 15
Add a teaspoon of sugar;

Step 16
Add a little chicken powder;

Step 17
Add a teaspoon of white vinegar;

Step 18
Add the chopped spicy radish and stir well.