Red meat with dried cowpea


streaky pork
Cowpea (dry)
Rock sugar
Green onion
Star anise


Step 1
Soak the dried cowpea one day in advance, wash and cut into long sections for later use. Slice the green onion and ginger. Crush the rock sugar.

Step 2
Scrape the skin of the pork with a knife and cut it into 2 or 5 cm square pieces. Blanch the meat and take it out.

Step 3
Beat the rock sugar into pieces, stir fry it into sugar color, add water and turn off the heat.

Step 4
Put the ginger and meat in the pot and fry until the oil comes out and the meat turns golden yellow. Stir fry the star anise and scallion for a few times. Add wine, boiling water (desert meat) and sugar color. Bring to a boil over high heat and remove the foam and oil. Turn to low heat and simmer until the meat is 8 mature.

Step 5
Finally, add the dried cowpea, add salt and a little soy sauce to taste. Heat until the dried cowpea tastes good. Add sugar and heat to thicken the soup.