Duck blood is a semi-finished product sold in boxes after processing, which can be cooked with tofu. However, most of the spicy and xuewang in Sichuan cuisine are cooked from this. Duck blood contains high cholesterol, so it’s better for the elderly and people with hyperlipidemia to eat less.


1 box of duck blood
50g fans
2 tbsp oil
20G bean paste
5g salt
1 tbsp soy sauce
Appropriate amount of coriander


Step 1
Main ingredients: duck blood, vermicelli

Step 2
Soften the fans

Step 3
Take the duck blood out of the box and cut it into pieces

Step 4
Remove the fishy smell of duck blood. Put the duck blood into the pot in cold water and turn off the fire after boiling

Step 5
Take out the duck's blood and wash it clean

Step 6
Heat up the oil and add the Pixian bean paste

Step 7
Cook in soy sauce

Step 8
Add some water

Step 9
Put in the spare duck blood

Step 10
Put in the soaked fans

Step 11
Bring to a boil and cook for half a minute

Step 12
Add parsley powder and turn off the heat