Strong tea flavored chicken, friends who like drinking tea will certainly like it. After stewing, the aroma of tea seeps into the chicken, which is memorable


1 baby chicken
20G Yongxi Huoqing (tea)
3 G Lycium barbarum
2 g salt
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger
3-4g dry pepper
A little fennel
A little nutmeg
Section 2 yam
1 tablespoon soy sauce
A little Amomum villosum
A little ginger
2-3 fragrant leaves


Step 1
When all the ingredients are ready, take a teapot and brew a pot of Yongxi fire green

Step 2
Put Huangwei braised seasoning bag into the seasoning bag and tie it up for standby

Step 3
Wash the chicken and cut it in half with a knife

Step 4
Shred scallions, slice yam and ginger

Step 5
Take a large bowl, put the chicken belly up, then put the Huangwei seasoning bag, onion, ginger, yam, soy sauce and a little salt, and then pour the soaked tea into the bowl

Step 6
Rub the chicken for 15 minutes and marinate for 45 minutes

Step 7
Take a casserole, pour edible oil, and shake the casserole to spread the oil on the bottom

Step 8
Spread ginger, green onion and soaked tea evenly in turn

Step 9
Add the seasoning bag, chicken, and pour the marinated soup on the chicken

Step 10
Cover the pot and turn it from high to low

Step 11
After boiling, remove the lid and pour in raw soy sauce and sugar

Step 12
Simmer for about 40-50 minutes

Step 13
Pour some oil into another pot and bring to a boil

Step 14
Open the lid, sprinkle with medlar, sprinkle with boiling hot oil, and you can eat it