Raisin and chiffon


20G egg
20G organic kitchen natural super large raisin
20G blended oil
10g sugar powder
10g corn starch
10 ml water
10 ml Holland dairy cheese milk


Step 1
Pour water, oil and powdered sugar into the container and stir well.

Step 2
Divide the eggs, pour in the yolk and stir well. Pour the egg white into another basin. The basin for egg white must be free of water and oil.

Step 3
After mixing, sift in the low flour and corn starch.

Step 4
Mix in the flour and mix well. The final appearance of the yolk paste.

Step 5
Next, make the egg white paste, add two drops of white vinegar to the egg white, and then whisk. Add some sugar powder when making the blister, then continue to beat, and add the sugar powder several times. The egg white paste should have obvious lines, and it will not drip when it is inverted. The whole process takes more than ten minutes.

Step 6
Next, add one-third of the egg white paste to the yolk paste, and mix carefully with the method of cross cutting. At this time, preheat the oven 180 degrees, and fill the lower oven with hot water. Put all the yolk paste into the egg white paste. Grab the raisins and put them in. Mix well.

Step 7
Finally, just pour it into the mold. You can shake it on the table a little. My experience is not to shake it too hard, but just to shake it once. Otherwise, the air will be shaken out too much and the cake will die. Cake into the oven, water bath method, 180 degrees, 40 minutes~