The most greedy thing in winter is to fry turnip balls. Don’t put a drop of water. Mix it until golden and crisp. It’s surprisingly delicious. This kind of radish ball is easier to fry and crisp without kneading the ball by hand and using a spoon.


1 radish
500g sticky rice flour
100g chives
3 red peppers
1g five spice powder
4 g salt
Proper oil


Step 1
Ingredients: 1 white radish, sticky rice flour, red pepper, chives, five spice powder, salt and oil.

Step 2
Wash and peel the fresh white radish, use a shredded radish plane to plane the radish into shredded radish. The plane I chose has two specifications of silk, just the size of radish silk mixed and matched.

Step 3
Scrape the shredded radish, put salt, mix evenly, marinate the radish water, the radish wilts, and the radish water is poured out. Then pour sticky rice flour, five spice powder, pepper and chives together and mix well.

Step 4
At the beginning of mixing, it may be a little dry. You can put it for a while. Immediately, there is radish water coming out. You can continue mixing, and you don't need to add a little water.

Step 5
In the frying pan, pour an appropriate amount of edible oil. The oil temperature is about 160 degrees. Put the mixed shredded radish rice slurry into the oil pan with a spoon, and then fry it in the oil pan one by one.

Step 6
When frying until yellowish, turn the other side and continue to fry. This kind of ball is easy to fry. It's small and easy to eat.

Step 7
The fried shredded radish balls are golden. Clamp them on the oil leakage rack with chopsticks, drain the oil, and suck up the excess oil with kitchen oil absorbent paper. Cool and eat. It's delicious.