Dumplings stuffed with white gourd and shrimps taste delicious


150g pork stuffing
200g flour
Proper amount of white gourd
A little fuel consumption
A little peanut oil
A little shrimp skin
A few eggs
A little coriander
A little cooking wine
A little thirteen incense
A little soy sauce
A little salt
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger


Step 1
Prepare white gourd

Step 2
Wipe the silk and add a little salt to remove the water.

Step 3
Add minced ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce and salt to the pork stuffing. Add white gourd, shrimp skin, coriander and scallion.

Step 4
Add peanut oil and stir well.

Step 5
And filling

Step 6
Wake up with cold water and noodles for 30 minutes

Step 7
Several dosage forms respectively

Step 8
Roll skin

Step 9

Step 10
Put it into a plate, refrigerate it, and take it as you eat.