The nutrition of meat skin jelly is not much, but it’s delicious! The fat inside the skin is also a “treasure”. The meat skin jelly with fat meat is called a fragrance, and the thick white lard solidified on the surface is scraped off with a small spoon, which makes cooking and stuffing more fragrant! Although it was a helpless move in that era, life was still full of flavor.


800g meat skin
2 star anises
1 ginger
3 shallots
Proper soy sauce
A little salt
1 garlic
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Proper raw extract
A little chili oil


Step 1
The meat skin is ready and used at will;

Step 2
Cut off the fat on the inside of the meat skin, and then cut the meat skin into small pieces; If you don't dislike fat meat and like to eat fat, you can't remove it. After cooling, it has the taste of cold white meat;

Step 3
Put it into a cold water pot, boil it for 5 minutes and remove it to remove excess grease and impurities;

Step 4
Another pot, put an appropriate amount of water, soy sauce, salt, shallot, ginger, star anise;

Step 5
After boiling, put the blanched meat skin into the pot;

Step 6
Keep the fire low, cover the lid, stew until the meat skin is cooked and rotten, and can be gently broken with chopsticks;

Step 7
Pick up star anise, ginger slices and scallions;

Step 8
Prepare a clean bowl or fresh-keeping box and pour the meat skin and soup evenly into the bowl; Cover and refrigerate until completely set;

Step 9
Prepare dipping materials: minced garlic and shallot;

Step 10
Pour an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce and vinegar. If you can eat spicy, add some chili oil or millet spicy, and mix evenly;

Step 11
This is the frozen meat skin jelly. Insert the tip of the knife into the meat skin jelly and the bowl wall, buckle upside down and demould easily;

Step 12
Cut into pieces, slices and strips as you like, which can be eaten directly or dipped in garlic vinegar juice.