When I was a child, I often went with my mother to dig purslane on the boundary edge of wheat field, and went home to cook steamed buns. From my childhood memory, I liked to eat a home-made dish very much \ n; And purslane is also good for your health. \ n


Proper amount of purslane
Proper flour
A spoonful of edible alkaline noodles
A small spoon of salt
Two garlic
A section of onion
Some pepper


Step 1
Wash the purslane, drain the water, and discard the hard vegetable stem

Step 2
Chop and put in a spoonful of salt and edible alkaline noodles. Salt can also be left out according to personal taste

Step 3
After adding salt and alkaline flour, rub hard until the vegetable juice exudes. This step is to remove the sour taste of purslane. Then add an appropriate amount of flour and stir it evenly. The amount of flour can be held down in your hand without falling off. If you like the taste hard, you can add more flour. After that, lay it flat on the cage drawer. It can't be too thick, otherwise it's not easy to cook. It should not exceed 3cm

Step 4
Let's have a close-up of the flour

Step 5
Boil in cold water, steam in high heat for five minutes and turn to medium fire for ten minutes. If the thickness is thick or there is more flour, extend the time appropriately,

Step 6
Turn off the fire and wait for it to cool down. Directly cut it into squares on the cage drawer with a knife and put it on the plate

Step 7
Mash garlic, scallion and pepper, or change to other materials according to your taste

Step 8
After mashing, pour the dipping sauce with boiling oil, add an appropriate amount of salt, pepper, chicken essence, vinegar and raw soy sauce. \n