Nuomici is a kind of cake in Guangdong Province. Its skin is composed of glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and clear noodles. Its filling is mainly sweet, including purple potato filling, bean paste filling and pineapple filling. The taste is crisp and smooth, elastic and white as snow. Q-ball is good and I love to eat.


45g glutinous rice flour
35g sticky rice noodles
20G clear noodles
50g powdered sugar
20G salad oil
150g milk
200g purple potato stuffing
30g coconut
Appropriate amount of cake powder


Step 1
Purple potato filling method: purple potato steamed, peeled and mashed, with salad oil, maltose, sugar fried purple potato filling, cool; PS: purple sweet potato stuffing can refer to my recipe, purple sweet potato stuffing.

Step 2
Put a little glutinous rice flour into the pot and fry it over low heat. It's yellow and cooked. It's mainly used for hand flour; PS: the fire should be very low when frying.

Step 3
Skin production: milk and salad oil mix, and then pour into the sugar powder mix;

Step 4
Mix glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour and chengmian, mix and brush;

Step 5
Pour the brushed powder into the milk mixing liquid, and mix the non granular flour paste; Brush the paste twice, and the finer and even the skin will be;

Step 6
The paste was wrapped with fresh-keeping film and left for 30 minutes;

Step 7
Boil appropriate amount of water in the steamer and steam for 20 minutes;

Step 8
When the steamed batter is hot, stir until smooth and shiny, and then cool;

Step 9
Let the batter cool, divided into 18 grams of a small group, so that the skin is done; PS: you can use pastry powder, so it doesn't stick.

Step 10
Add 12 grams of purple potato stuffing into the skin;

Step 11
Wrap the stuffing tightly;

Step 12
Well done glutinous rice glutinous rice, sprinkle with coconut, evenly dip, can. PS: put it in the refrigerator for better taste.