Originally, this dish was a northeast cold dish, but because I chose to steam purple potato, yam and tofu skin into the dish, it is different from the usual northeast pull skin. The side dishes of multicolored Da La PI are comprehensive and more nutritious. It is most suitable for consumption in summer. My family likes it very much. Come and try it when you have time. Absolutely delicious!


200 carat skin
2 eggs
5 ml olive oil
2 g salt
1 cucumber
1 tablespoon chopped pepper
Half root purple potato
2 pieces of dried tofu skin
2 ml banquet juice
2G sugar
1 yam
3 G garlic
1g thirteen incense
3 ml rice vinegar
Half a carrot


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Steam tofu skin, shredded yam and shredded purple potato in a pot and let them cool for standby

Step 3
Shred the steamed and boiled tofu skin,

Step 4
Boil another pot of water, add the powder, soak and cook for five minutes,

Step 5
When the powder is boiled until transparent, take it out

Step 6
Cool water,

Step 7
Drizzle the water on the flour and put the dried flour into the plate.

Step 8
Add some oil to the pan and pour in the egg liquid

Step 9
Fry a thin egg skin

Step 10
Shred the egg skin,

Step 11
Shred cucumber, carrot, tofu skin, yam, purple potato and egg,

Step 12
Take a small bowl, fill with the excess powder, add minced garlic, banquet juice and olive oil,

Step 13
Add soy sauce, salt, thirteen spice powder, sugar and sesame oil,

Step 14
Finally, pour rice vinegar and chopped pepper, mix well, add it to the plate, and you can serve it.