It’s a simple and easy to make snack. Change a pattern. Children eat more happily. It’s suitable for people of all ages


200g yam
250g purple potato
2G sugar
1 moon cake mold or biscuit mold


Step 1
Wash, peel and slice the purple potato, wash and cut the iron stick yam, and steam it in the pot. If you are afraid of scraping yam skin and itching, even steam the skin, steam it, and then shave off the skin.

Step 2
Scrape off the skin of Steamed Yam and put it into a bowl with purple potato respectively. Press it into mud with a spoon and add a small amount of sugar while it is hot. I only put a small spoon. Children should not eat too much sugar. We can increase or decrease the amount of sugar according to our preferences

Step 3
Use a biscuit mold, fill half of the yam mud in the mold with a spoon, and press it with a spoon

Step 4
Then press a layer of purple potato mud and flatten the surface

Step 5
Demoulding: gently press the surface with a spoon, hold the mold with your fingers and lift it up to demould

Step 6
You can eat it directly or pour some yogurt and sprinkle some osmanthus flowers for decoration

Step 7
Of course, it's great to use moon cake mold