Crystal cake is a snack in Guangdong. Breakfast in teahouses is the most common. It is crystal clear. The fillings are purple potato, bean paste, lotus root, mung bean and so on. This kind of crystal cake is the favorite for children and old people. It’s sweet but not greasy. It’s soft, sweet and delicious.


500g crystal shrimp dumpling powder
4 purple potatoes
150g white granulated sugar
10 g Corn Oil


Step 1
Ingredients: 1 jin crystal shrimp dumpling powder, 4 purple potatoes, 150 g Sugar, 10 g corn oil. Among them, the purple potato should be long and small, so that the purple potato will be very fragrant and the crystal cake will be delicious.

Step 2
Wash the purple sweet potato, put it into a pot and cook it. Take it out, cool it, peel it and mash it into purple sweet potato mud.

Step 3
The mashed purple sweet potato paste is poured into a pan, and then white granulated sugar is added to stir fry until the white granulated sugar is dissolved. Then corn oil is added and stir fried over medium low heat to make the purple sweet potato paste absorb oil completely. When it is dry, it can be kneaded into a ball and then out of the pan.

Step 4
Spread the fried purple sweet potato paste in a large plate and let cool. The purple sweet potato cake can only be made with cold purple sweet potato stuffing, and the hot stuffing will crack

Step 5
Then make the crystal skin, add 400 grams of water to the white granulated sugar, and bring it to a boil to let the white granulated sugar dissolve. The proportion of boiling water is 400g water for 1kg flour. This proportion can not be wrong, too much water is soft, not forming, too little water, hard, steamed cloth cooked.

Step 6
White shark crystal dumpling powder, into the plate, add boiling sugar, stir evenly, knead into a smooth dough.

Step 7
Divide into small balls of 20g each, and then roll them thin with a rolling pin; The skin of the crystal cake is ready.

Step 8
Roll out the crystal skin, put in 30g purple potato stuffing, wrap it, and knead it into a circle.

Step 9
Put it into the mold and press out the shape you like. You can also use mooncake molds, or other cartoon models.

Step 10
Add proper amount of water into the steamer and bring to a boil. Steam for 15 minutes. To explain, I steamed this steamer according to the delicious food for 30 minutes, boiled the water for about 3 minutes, then put it into the steamer and adjusted the time, so I saw the above display for 26 minutes. Steam for 15 minutes.