Pumpkin pasta


Moderate pumpkin
200ml Dutch milk
Appropriate amount of longevity mountain wild honey
Proper amount of bean paste


Step 1
First cut the pumpkin into pieces and steam it in a pot. Remove from the dry water and put it in the flour. I use self-made flour, so there is no need to put yeast. The pasta will be bulky, soft and delicious.

Step 2
Auxiliary materials for mixing. A box of milk, honey. This amount should be put according to the amount of your face. Neither too thin nor too thick. I have no water and noodles. Direct use of milk and.

Step 3
Pour into the flour and stir well to form a medium soft and hard dough.

Step 4
Just like this. It's too soft. It's hard to take out when putting it into the mold. It's too hard to eat.

Step 5
After kneading the noodles into strips, knead them or cut them into small pieces, just like cutting the noodles for making dumplings. Then turn it into a pancake. Put the bean paste in the middle, knead it together and knead it into a ball. Press into this mold

Step 6
Bake in the oven over medium heat for three to five minutes