Southerners generally like to eat mature old pumpkins, while in the north, more people like to eat young pumpkins with slender heads and green skins. Locals call them “square melons”, and they don’t understand why. There are many cooking patterns of tender pumpkin. Today’s cooking is the simplest shredded melon cake. You can refer to it if you like.


Proper flour
1 egg
1 tender pumpkin
1 tsp salt


Step 1
Prepare a tender pumpkin.

Step 2
Use a wire eraser to make fine wires.

Step 3
Cut red pepper into circles and green onion into small pieces.

Step 4
Put a little water in the cooking basin and add flour.

Step 5
Stir well, add an egg and stir well again.

Step 6
Add shredded pumpkin.

Step 7
Add pepper and scallion, add salt and stir well.

Step 8
Put a layer of peanut oil on the non stick pan, spoon the shredded melon batter into the pan and spread it flat.

Step 9
One side is fried and set and turned into burnt yellow.

Step 10
Cut into pieces.