Pumpkin bean paste cake


1 white radish
1 / 2 carrot
2 eggs
Appropriate amount of salt
Appropriate amount of green onion
Moderate amount of ginger
Moderate amount of blended oil
Proper amount of flour


Step 1
Peel the radish..

Step 2
Wipe silk, wash three times, control dry water.

Step 3
Add a little carrot, just color.

Step 4
Add scallion and ginger.

Step 5
Add egg salt.

Step 6
Grab out of the water with your hands.

Step 7
Add flour and stir´╝ł There's no need to add water. The radish can produce enough water.

Step 8
Make a ball and fry it in hot oil.

Step 9
Deep fried into golden plate, dark color is carrot silk.