Moldy tofu is a common bean product of Han nationality in southern China. It belongs to Hunan cuisine. It was invented by a young man named a Cen in Yashui area of Huishui county. Moldy tofu is a traditional food loved by the Chinese people. It contains a variety of amino acids, minerals and B vitamins needed by the human body. It has high nutritional value and has the functions of appetizing, removing heat and seasoning.


A piece of tofu (South)
A small packet of chili powder
A few spoonfuls of salt


Step 1
Take out a piece of tofu

Step 2
Cut as you like, not too small

Step 3
Cover it with that one, then put it in a warm place and wait for it to ferment.

Step 4
Put it for a few days, and then you can take out the white silk. It can't turn black. (forget to take pictures, sorry

Step 5
Turn down the heat and fry the salt. When it turns yellow, turn off the heat and add the chili powder

Step 6
Put the fermented tofu into the pot, mix with pepper, and then put it on for another day or so.