Private garlic steak


500g spareribs
20G ginger
50g garlic
3 scallions
3 shallots
Proper amount of dry pepper
5g green pepper
Steamed fish and soy sauce
10g oyster sauce
10 grams is delicious
10 grams of soy sauce
1 bottle of beer
Proper amount of cooking wine
5g veteran
Right amount of green pepper
2 g pepper


Step 1
Dice the garlic.

Step 2
Add 1 / 3 mashed garlic into the spareribs, steam fish, soy sauce, delicious, soy sauce, oyster sauce and marinate for two hours.

Step 3
60% oil temperature, slow frying over low heat, golden on both sides, remove and control oil.

Step 4
Leave the base oil, then stir fry the dried pepper, Chinese prickly ash and ginger until fragrant.

Step 5
Stir fry the scallion until fragrant.

Step 6
Add a third of garlic and stir fry until fragrant.

Step 7
Stir fry the lower ribs evenly.

Step 8
The next beer, cooking wine, old color.

Step 9
Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.

Step 10
Fire to collect juice.

Step 11
Add green pepper, the rest of garlic, pepper stir well.

Step 12
Take the pot and put it on the plate.

Step 13
Sprinkle with scallions.