When I tasted the first bite, I really couldn’t stop! Not only is it not greasy, but it’s also very waxy. It’s similar to that cooked in a pressure cooker, and it has a different taste


250g streaky pork
50g plum vegetables
5g salt
5g chicken essence
5g cooking wine
5g brown sugar


Step 1
First, put the washed and cut pork into a pot and cook it. Burn off the blood and fishy smell. After boiling, remove the foam and pour dry water

Step 2
Then add water and plum vegetables to cook (it's best to soak the dried plum vegetables here in water, so they will taste better)

Step 3
When the water is almost dry, put the cooked dried plum into a bowl, add a little salt, chicken essence, cooking wine and brown sugar, and start steaming for about 15 minutes