Three or nine days later, I’m tired of eating big dishes and meat. What can be more appetizing? Pork with dried plum vegetables is definitely a good meal. It doesn’t need any complicated seasoning. Good raw materials are the key to success. On a cold day outside the window, the house is steaming. Make a warm heart dish for your beloved family.


500g streaky pork
60g plum dried vegetables
1 winter bamboo shoot
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of sugar
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Wash high-quality dried plum vegetables with water to remove impurities

Step 2
One streaky pork

Step 3
Cut streaky pork into sections and blanch it in green onion and ginger water

Step 4
After taking it out, scrape the surface of pig skin with a knife and apply soy sauce for coloring

Step 5
Bottom the oil in the pot and fry the pig skin face down over medium heat

Step 6
Fry the pigskin, turn it over, fry it slightly, and then take it out. The oil remains in the pot

Step 7
Take a fresh winter bamboo shoot and cut the tip into small pieces

Step 8
Pour bamboo shoot tips and dried plum vegetables into the pan of fried lard and stir fry together

Step 9
Cut streaky pork with skin into long pieces or pieces of about 6cm

Step 10
Place a layer of streaky pork and a layer of dried plum vegetables in a bowl and steam in a steamer for 50 minutes

Step 11
Pour the dried meats and meat back into the frying pan to get the sauce.

Step 12
After the juice is almost dried, put it out, and pour the remaining soup into the bowl from top to bottom