Cook a Kwai dish with a bowl of mung bean rice porridge for a small dinner in hot summer.


3 eggs
20G shrimp vegetable garden
2 small onions
A little edible oil
10g rapeseed oil


Step 1
It seems that some places are called red onions. In fact, ordinary shallots can also be used

Step 2
Diced onion

Step 3
Be sure to put more oil before adding it again in order to maintain the heat of the pot

Step 4
Three for two

Step 5
This brand is a little salty, and a jade bud is also great

Step 6
Continue to stir well without adding salt

Step 7
Stir fry the onion until fragrant. Pour in the egg and preserved vegetable mixture

Step 8
You can fry it or turn it over and cut it into pieces