Preserved radish cake is not only a traditional dim sum in Guangdong, but also one of the necessary dim sum for morning tea in Cantonese restaurants. The fried radish cake is crisp on the surface and soft on the inside, mixed with the delicious flavor of sausage, mushroom and shrimp, and has a very rich taste.


600g white radish
180 g sticky rice noodles
20g Chengfen
6 dried mushrooms
40g water
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
10 g Sugar
1 small piece of red onion
Right amount of white pepper
1 teaspoon chicken powder
80g Cantonese Sausage
50g dried shrimps


Step 1
Mix glutinous rice flour and Chengfen, wash white radish, peel and rub into shreds, soak mushrooms and cut into small cubes, onion and sausage into small cubes, soak dried shrimps and control dry water;

Step 2
Put oil in the pan, deep fry the diced onion until golden, then saute the sausage until the oil comes out;

Step 3
Pour in diced mushrooms and dried shrimps, stir fry until fragrant, and set aside. Pour shredded white radish into the pot (the radish juice produced during wiping is also poured in);

Step 4
Add oyster sauce, chicken powder and white pepper into the shredded radish, stir well, add the sausages and mushrooms, stir well, turn off the heat, and add the powder;

Step 5
After mixing well, put it into a glass box (smeared with thin oil in the box), and steam it in a steamer for 50 minutes until it is well done;

Step 6
After the steamed radish cake is cooled, take it out, cut it into thick slices, flat bottom, non stick, put oil in the pot, and fry until both sides are golden.