Today is mother’s day. I feel very guilty for not being able to accompany my mother. Others are making amazing dishes, but I only made a pickle that my mother often makes. It’s very delicious. With it, I want to have two more chopsticks when I’m full. Every time I eat it, I always think of my mother’s taste, and the memory of my childhood seems to reappear. I can always remember that my mother counted and counted the eggs saved in the basket every evening. These eggs were either sold for money to buy our favorite food or to improve our food, but my mother was never willing to eat. Any simple ingredients, plus two eggs, mother can turn them into delicious food.


90g sauerkraut
3 eggs
3 G scallion
1 green pepper
2 red dried peppers


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients. Sauerkraut is pickled and fermented

Step 2
Cut up the red pepper, green onion and sauerkraut. I missed the sauerkraut

Step 3
After beating the eggs into liquid, add three grams of water and stir them into fine egg liquid. You can also add another gram of starch and stir well

Step 4
Pour oil into the hot pot, heat it until it is five minutes hot, turn it to low heat, the oil temperature should not be too high, and pour in the egg liquid

Step 5
Sprinkle with scallions and shake the pot

Step 6
Then sprinkle the broken snow cabbage in the middle, pick up the traditional Chinese medicine and stir fry with a spatula

Step 7
The egg liquid completely covers the snow vegetables, scallions and green peppers. If there is no liquid, you can turn off the fire and get out of the pot. Don't continue frying, otherwise it will grow old and the taste will not be smooth

Step 8
Put it on a plate immediately after turning off the fire. It's delicious to eat when it's hot