Broccoli and prawns have always been children’s favorites. I often prepare these two ingredients at home. In addition, this time’s hard grain is preferred germ rice. The porridge is so delicious!


100g hard grain preferred germ rice
10 prawns
Appropriate amount of broccoli


Step 1
Prepare ingredients, germ rice, prawns and broccoli

Step 2
Put the rice in a casserole and start panning

Step 3
Rinse the prawns, too

Step 4
Rinse the broccoli

Step 5
Start to cook porridge. When you first cook, change it and stir the bottom of the pot

Step 6
When it is almost viscous, add prawns.

Step 7
Keep cooking,

Step 8
When it's almost ripe, add broccoli, because broccoli is very ripe

Step 9
It's better to eat a bowl of germ rice, treat yourself well, a bowl of good rice and hard food.