Potatoes not only have the effect of taking care of the skin and maintaining the face, but also have the effect of losing weight. Potatoes are rich in vitamin B, C and many minerals. Eating more potatoes every day can not only reduce the intake of fat, but also contain rich dietary fiber, which can make people feel full. Avoid excessive calorie intake.


2 potatoes
1 Sweet Potato
Half a carrot
1g pepper
1.5g salt
Appropriate amount of black sesame


Step 1
Prepare ingredients

Step 2
Wash the sweet potatoes and potatoes, cut them in half, put them into the pot, turn to low heat after boiling, and steam for another 15 minutes

Step 3
Peel the steamed potatoes, break them into small pieces by hand and put them into a tritan mixing cup

Step 4
Add pepper and salt

Step 5
The wall breaking conditioning machine is powered on. If it is operated directly on the machine, rotate the "start / cancel" key to the "jog" function, and it can be started directly. The production time is about 20 seconds; If you want more delicate mashed potatoes, you can continue to stir for a few more seconds; If you select the recipe of "mashed potato" on the app side of the mobile phone, you can start it directly. Make sure to use the tritan mixing cup, and the production time is about 20 seconds

Step 6
Beat the mashed potatoes and add chopped diced carrots

Step 7
The sweet potato is also put into the tritan mixing cup. After all the mashed potatoes and sweet potato are stirred, set aside

Step 8
Apply a layer of edible oil in the mold to facilitate demoulding

Step 9
Finally, you can put mashed potatoes and sweet potato mash to make the shape you like

Step 10
When finished, you can put some black sesame seeds for decoration