When I was in college, I especially liked to eat potato powder near the school. 8 yuan a bowl of potato powder is a luxury meal for me once a week. Occasionally find a lot of excuses to give yourself an extra meal. Now think about it. I really treated myself badly at that time. It’s not that my parents were reluctant to give me money, but that I was reluctant to spend. In order to make up for my debt to myself at that time, I decided to make potato powder by myself. This time, I made snow cabbage minced meat, my favorite flavor. The amount of sauerkraut minced meat is absolutely full.


200g potato powder
Proper amount of chili oil
Appropriate amount of cabbage
100g pork
(cooked) proper amount of white sesame
100g sauerkraut
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger
Appropriate amount of vinegar


Step 1
Put an appropriate amount of onion and ginger into the cut pork and beat it into meat paste with a cooking stick

Step 2
Prepare sauerkraut

Step 3
Put an appropriate amount of oil into the pot, heat the oil, add minced meat and stir fry. Then add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, raw soy sauce and stir fry

Step 4
When the minced meat is almost fried, add snow vegetables. Stir fry for about 1 minute and the minced pork with sauerkraut will be ready

Step 5
Soak potato powder in advance and wash it. Water control standby

Step 6
Put an appropriate amount of old soup into the pot. This is the soup I made with sauce bones

Step 7
Select the cooking mode for the rice cooker. Time 1 hour.

Step 8
After the soup boils, add potato powder.

Step 9
Take advantage of the gap between boiling potato powder, scald the cabbage in the pot, and then remove it

Step 10
Boil the potato powder until it is transparent

Step 11
Prepare all ingredients, and then add seasonings as you like

Step 12
The delicious potato powder is ready