When I came home at the weekend, I met my mother harvesting small potatoes in the field. Mom and dad brand healthy vegetables look fresh and watery. People in the city can’t buy them if they want to eat them. This kind of small potato doesn’t need other complicated methods. Just steam it. Wrap it with your favorite seasoning, one at a time, which is much more delicious than meat.


18 small potatoes
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 tablespoon pepper powder
0.5 tbsp cumin powder
0.5 tablespoon white pepper
0.5 tablespoon five spice powder
1 tablespoon salt
0.5 tablespoon fine granulated sugar


Step 1
Small potatoes are brushed clean without peeling;

Step 2
Place the stainless steel liner of the rice cooker; Put in special mesh steaming tablets and pour in a small bowl of water;

Step 3
Put the small potatoes on the mesh steamed slices;

Step 4
Close the cover, turn on the power and start the "steaming" procedure;

Step 5
After 22 minutes, the little potatoes were steamed;

Step 6
Peel small potatoes. Steamed potatoes are very easy to peel, but don't burn your hands;

Step 7
Add seasoning to the plate: mix chili powder, pepper powder, cumin powder, white pepper powder, five spice powder, salt and fine granulated sugar;

Step 8
Mix and stir the seasoning evenly, and roll the small potatoes in the seasoning plate;

Step 9
The delicious [potato egg] is ready.