Northeast taste, salty mouth, you can eat pickles. Breakfast is delicious with porridge and pancakes.


500g potatoes
100g pepper
300g northeast farmhouse sauce
100g scallion
5g pepper noodles


Step 1
Cut the potatoes into thick and thin strips of chopsticks, wash them with water two or three times, soak them for a while, rinse the starch, take it out and put it into the basin, and control the water dry.

Step 2
Cut the scallions into scallions, dice the chili sauce, and prepare the farmhouse sauce. Because potato paste is only seasoned with sauce, it needs more sauce. You can also replace green pepper with dry pepper

Step 3
Put more oil into the pot. Heat the oil in a hot pot. (you must put more oil in the potato paste to make it delicious.)

Step 4
After the oil is hot, introduce potato chips and add an appropriate amount of pepper noodles. Stir fry the potato chips in the pot. After all the potato chips are greased, stir fry as little as possible. (potatoes are mainly cooked by frying, so don't stir fry them often. Potatoes are delicious only when they are fried out of the cabinet.)

Step 5
When the potatoes are three ripe, import scallion and diced pepper. Simply stir fry several times.

Step 6
When the potatoes are five ripe, set aside an empty place in the middle of the pot, put the farmhouse sauce, and fry the farmhouse sauce with the oil at the bottom of the pot. Then stir fry the shredded potatoes with the sauce.

Step 7
When the shredded potatoes are completely mixed with the farmhouse sauce, don't stir fry frequently. Reduce the number of stir frying. Before the potato chips are about to paste in the pot, take them out of the pot and put them on a plate.