Pot roast chicken


2 eggs
Proper amount of flour
Green onion
Cooking wine
Chicken soup


Step 1
Smash the chicken breast into fine mud with the back of a knife; Cut green onion and ginger separately; Take the egg white for one egg, and beat the remaining yolk with another egg; Take out proper amount of flour and set aside.

Step 2
Put the chicken puree into a bowl, add egg white several times, mix well, then add ginger, onion, cooking wine and salt.

Step 3
Heat the frying pan with oil until it is warm. Take a small portion of chicken puree and flatten it into small cakes. Make all the chicken cakes in turn and take them out.

Step 4
Dip it in flour on both sides, then wrap it in egg liquid, and then put it back into the pot and fry it into golden yellow. Finally, you can add a proper amount of chicken soup to the plate when the soup is ready.