Recommend a new year’s Eve meal – concave pot meat


250 grams of pork
4 green peppers
5-6 cloved garlic
3 scallions
Moderate amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of sweet flour sauce
Proper amount of sugar
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
Preparation of materials

Step 2
Cut the garlic into sections, slice the meat, mince the garlic and ginger

Step 3
Lower the heat and fry the meat

Step 4
Fry until golden on both sides

Step 5
Take out the sliced meat and stir fry the pepper until fragrant

Step 6
Take out the pepper, stir in ginger and garlic

Step 7
Put in the previously fried meat slices, pour in soy sauce, sugar, Pixian bean paste and sweet flour paste, stir fry well

Step 8
Pour in the garlic before leaving the pot

Step 9
Stir fry until the garlic becomes soft, the fragrance comes out, and the rice in the pot is the most fragrant.