This is a spicy and authentic Sichuan dish. It’s made at home. I feel good and have an appetite.


Half a chicken
Proper amount of ginger
1 long green pepper
Appropriate amount of shallot
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Proper amount of dry pepper
Proper amount of white sesame
1 tsp rattan pepper oil
1 tsp sugar
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
4 red peppers


Step 1
Boil the chicken in a cold water pot. Put the shallot, ginger and pepper in the pot. When the chicken can be easily put into the pot with chopsticks, it means that the chicken is cooked.

Step 2
Pick out the chicken and soak it in cold water.

Step 3
Let the chicken cool and cut into pieces.

Step 4
Cut the red pepper and green pepper into circles and the green onion into sections.

Step 5
To make red oil, put the dried chili noodles and sesame seeds into the bowl. Heat the oil and pour into the bowl. Mix well.

Step 6
According to my preference, I use black fungus to match the vegetables. First, boil the fungus in chicken soup, and then soak it in cold water.

Step 7
Keep the chicken soup.

Step 8
Add red pepper, green pepper, scallion, sugar, rattan pepper oil, salt and chicken essence into the soup. When the soup is cold, add agaric and chicken, and then pour in red oil.