I didn’t have yoga class in the evening ~ I took express at the door of the community and went to the supermarket


280g Black Pork
A handful of leeks
Ten fungus
250g wonton skin
Proper fuel consumption
A little five spice powder
A little black pepper
Three or four drops of sesame oil
Appropriate amount of bean paste
A little bit with sauce and fuel consumption, it's already a little salty
Proper peanut oil


Step 1
Soak the hair with agaric, wash the leek, soak in water for a while and dry it

Step 2
Chopped leeks, agaric, ginger, chopped ginger, and chopped cabbage

Step 3
Put all the ingredients into a large bowl, pour peanut oil first and stir evenly (pour oil and leek first so that there will be no much water), then add all the seasonings and stir evenly (stir in the same direction)

Step 4
Put an appropriate amount of stuffing in one corner of the skin, roll it in a roll, pinch both ends and roll it to the back two corners, or any shape you like