Pork slices with pork tripe and mushroom


panus giganteus
1 red pepper
Blend oil


Step 1
Tear or slice the pork tripe mushroom, slice a red pepper, slice the lean meat, mix with raw powder, soy sauce and a little salt, marinate for a while.

Step 2
After the oil pan is heated, first oil the meat until it changes color, filter the oil and shovel it out, leave the bottom oil, add red pepper and stir fry the pork tripe mushroom. Because most mushrooms will come out of water when they are stir fried. Generally, you don't need to add more water. Of course, the water yield will be different according to different types, such as straw mushroom.

Step 3
Pork tripe mushroom can be fried to a little soft, depending on the situation, add less water, so that there can be some soup. Then add salt, soy sauce into the meat, stir fry well.