Pork pancake with olive


200g flour
3G yeast (dry)
1g salt
Moderate amount of blended oil
Moderate amount of olive


Step 1
Mix the flour with yeast and salt

Step 2
It's warm water and smooth dough

Step 3
Cover with plastic wrap and ferment to twice the size

Step 4
Prepare pork and wash it

Step 5
Divide the fermented dough into 10 batches and wake up for 15 minutes

Step 6
Cut into meat

Step 7
Add ginger, olive, chicken essence and two teaspoons of water

Step 8
Stir the meat in one direction

Step 9
Take a dose and press it into a round cake, then wrap it in the meat

Step 10
Seal the mouth, seal it downward, and press it into a round cake with the palm of your hand

Step 11
Make all the cakes in turn

Step 12
Pan oil, medium and small fire pancakes

Step 13
Put the lid on, the cake will rise

Step 14
When one side is scorched, turn it over and burn the other side

Step 15
When the other side is scorched, add a little water and simmer for one or two minutes.