20G celery
1 Phoenix Tail mushroom
Two Pleurotus eryngii
Two thousand
5 g Sugar
7g red oil
7g zanthoxylum oil
15 grams of raw tobacco
3 g white sesame


Step 1
Celery 20g, 1 Phoenix Tail mushroom, 2 Pleurotus eryngii

Step 2
After cleaning with water, cut off the root

Step 3
After dressing as a piece, slice it for later use

Step 4
Wash Pleurotus eryngii, cut it into pieces, tear it into strips by hand

Step 5
Cut celery into small pieces

Step 6
One thousand pieces for cutting

Step 7
Blanch Phoenix Tail mushroom in boiling water for 30 seconds and remove

Step 8
Blanch 1000 pieces of boiling water for 60 seconds and remove them

Step 9
Heat oil to 70%. Pour in Pleurotus eryngii and fry until golden. Remove

Step 10
Place ingredients in a bowl and sprinkle with 15% celery

Step 11
Pour in 5g sugar, 15g soy sauce, 7g red oil, 7g zanthoxylum oil and 3G white sesame. Mix well

Step 12
After setting the dish, sprinkle with a little celery