Ginger vinegar pig’s feet is the most characteristic woman’s tonic food in Guangdong Province. It is carefully cooked with pig’s feet, eggs, meat ginger and Guangdong’s unique sweet vinegar. It has the functions of nourishing skin, warming menstruation, nourishing blood and preventing colds. In Guangdong Province, pig foot ginger vinegar was originally used to nourish the body of pregnant women. It can replenish qi and blood, expel wind and cold, remove lochia, repair the uterus, nourish the body and promote milk, and effectively protect the health of mothers and infants. General maternal eat 2-3 times a day, after giving birth to a child two weeks can eat pig foot ginger, can eat for a long time, beneficial and harmless. This pot is suitable for postpartum women to eat, women before and after menstruation can make menstruation smooth, to wind cold, women after abortion can also eat more, Buqi Buxue.


1 / 2 pig feet
1 / 2 tsp salt
8 red dates
2 bottles of rose vinegar
250 g ginger
200g brown sugar
Six eggs


Step 1
When the pig's feet are bought back, let the stall owner chop them first, and then go home and cut them into pieces

Step 2
After slicing pig's feet, blanch them in a cold water pan, bring them to a boil, remove them and rinse them thoroughly

Step 3
Put the pig's feet into the casserole, add the vinegar to avoid the pig's feet

Step 4
I don't have sweet vinegar. I use rose rice vinegar instead

Step 5
Add brown sugar to adjust the sour taste of vinegar. In fact, brown sugar also has the effect of enriching blood. Beat in large pieces of ginger and bring to a boil for 2 hours

Step 6
Add dates after 1 hour

Step 7
Boil the eggs

Step 8
After shelling, put them together and simmer for 1 hour

Step 9
Season with salt before leaving the pot