Pig’s feet ginger: also known as pig’s feet boiled ginger vinegar egg, it is the most characteristic women’s tonic food in Guangdong. The main ingredients are pig’s hands (pig’s feet) eggs, ginger and Guangdong’s unique sweet vinegar. It is a delicious private room tonic with unique taste and rich nutrition.


1000g pig feet
10 eggs
500g ginger
1100 ml sweet vinegar
3 tbsp salt
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Prepare ingredients: eggs, chopped pig feet, sweet vinegar, ginger

Step 2
Pour sweet vinegar into the casserole (I bought a large bottle of sweet vinegar, so I measured the amount with the measuring cup for baking, and 1100 ml of sweet vinegar was used for these materials)

Step 3
Peel and wash ginger, drain and cut into thick slices

Step 4
Put it in a pot, boil it and turn it into a small fire. Slowly cook for about 2 hours.

Step 5
While boiling vinegar, cook another pot of boiled eggs. After cooking, pick them up and soak them in a cold water basin for a while

Step 6
Pick up and peel off the shell

Step 7
Put the shelled eggs into a vinegar pot, boil and soak( The longer the egg is soaked, the better it will taste)

Step 8
Boil a pot of water, add 3 tablespoons of salt, add pig feet and blanch for about 8 minutes

Step 9
Remove and rinse with cold water

Step 10
Pick up the eggs soaked in vinegar pot and put them in a bowl( If the quantity is not large, you can directly put it into the pig's feet instead of picking up the eggs. I do more this time. Pick up the eggs first and then put them into the pig's feet.)

Step 11
Put in pig's feet

Step 12
The egg is poured into the pot, and the fire is boiled and then cooked in medium heat for 20 minutes. If it is eaten, the second meals can be eaten after boiling.

Step 13
After soaking for two days, it became this color. The eggs became tighter and tighter, the pig's hooves became softer and softer, waxy and even rotten at the touch~ finished product