One or two days a week, I don’t know what to eat, but I don’t know what to do when I look at a basket of vegetables. So the staple food with stuffing has become the best choice. Although dumplings are my favorite, they still have a little technical requirements and take some trouble in time. Compared with dumplings, potstickers are much easier. Even people who can’t make dumplings can start.


530g medium gluten flour
About 310G cold water
300g leek
300g meat stuffing
3 g salt
A little soy sauce
A little raw
Apply a little vegetable oil to the frying pan


Step 1
According to the eating situation, take an appropriate amount of medium gluten flour into the bread bucket, and pour in cold water with about 60% of the flour; The water absorption of each kind of flour is different, so adjust it appropriately, and the dough shall be soft; Without a toaster, our hand kneading is the same;

Step 2
Start the bread machine to knead the dough. A program can take 10 minutes. If it is hand kneading, it will be smooth; Then put the dough in the bucket, cover it, and cook for 20 minutes to moisturize the dough;

Step 3
When making noodles, deal with the stuffing: 3-minute fat and 7-minute thin pig meat stuffing. Add an appropriate amount of soy sauce, soy sauce or oyster sauce, salt and cold water according to the taste to form a thick paste; Don't put too much cold water, because the subsequent leeks will produce some soup after mixing, which can be absorbed by the meat filling; Pork can also be changed into other meat, according to their own preferences;

Step 4
Wash the leek, shake off the water between the leaves, and then cut it into pieces. The dosage can be adjusted as you like;

Step 5
Mix leek and meat evenly, because there is fat in the meat, so there is no need to add oil;

Step 6
Put the dough on the chopping board, sprinkle a little flour and knead it a few times to form a smooth dough;

Step 7
Rub long strips, divide them into evenly sized preparations, and then roll them into an oval shape, slightly thicker in the middle and slightly thinner at the edge;

Step 8
Take a piece of dough and put an appropriate amount of stuffing on the dough;

Step 9
Fold it in half in the middle and leave a small mouth on both sides, which is in line with our potstickers in Beijing. Of course, you can also come according to your own preference;

Step 10
Sit the pan or cake pan on the stove eye in advance. Don't light the fire first. Put a little oil in the pot. Stack the wrapped pot stickers in the pot. It's more friendly to be next to each other;

Step 11
After the bottom is shaped, sprinkle some water in the gap to make the water level with the bottom of the pot and boil;

Step 12
Cover the lid and simmer over a low heat. When you hear the Zizi sound, open the lid, pour some water, cover the lid and simmer for two minutes;

Step 13
The potstickers are a little bigger than when they were born, and they are cooked inside and outside. Pour a little oil to evaporate the water vapor on the top. If the "GABAR" below is charred, you can turn over and get out of the pot. Eat with rice vinegar or aged vinegar, and some chili oil. Wow, it smells good.