We often make pork and cabbage dumplings in winter. Let’s have a look at the practice! 400 grams of meat dumpling noodles and about 220 grams to 230 grams of water can be made. You can make about 40 large dumplings. There are some left stuffing today. I made steamed stuffed buns in the evening.


250g pork
500g cabbage Gang
80g scallion
8g ginger
10g pepper oil
5g oyster sauce
10g soy sauce
1g pepper powder
5g salt
400g ordinary flour
230 g water
A little salt


Step 1
400g flour and 230g water, knead into smooth dough and cover with dough

Step 2
About 600g of cabbage should be diced, sprinkled with a little salt, and squeezed with water. It is about 500g. 250g of minced meat or ground meat, 80g of scallion and white section should be minced, 8g of ginger should be chopped into ginger paste, and 10g of soy sauce. If 15g is added to the taste, the color will be dark. The pepper oil can be taken from 10g of pepper, 5g of oil consumption, 1g of pepper noodles, 5g of salt and 6G of heavy mouth, It can be used as a reference

Step 3
Put the stuffing on film gloves and mix well in a large basin

Step 4
Take the dough, knead it, cut it into pieces, flatten it, and roll out the dumpling skin

Step 5
If it is wrapped by one person or slowly, the longer the noodles are, the more evenly they can be cut according to the feel of the hand. The shorter the dough is, the same size is not easy to cut out of each batch. If more dough is taken out, it is easy to dry the skin. You can find a suitable size such as a measuring spoon, and each one is the same size

Step 6
Sprinkle dry flour and flatten the cut pieces. When rolling, roll the rolling pin from the outside to the inside, just roll to the middle, turn the dough and roll again, or just roll to the middle. In this way, quickly roll the dough around. The rolling skin of meat dumplings should be thicker in the middle than the edge

Step 7
Filling and closing

Step 8
Put the closed dumplings on the bend of the index finger of your left hand

Step 9
Then put your left thumb up

Step 10
Hold your left hand with your right hand, put your right thumb on the dumpling, and put your left and right thumbs on the dumpling symmetrically

Step 11
The left and right hands simultaneously move downward to the center. This force is controlled by themselves. You can feel it by doing it more times

Step 12
Dip the bottom of the dumplings with a little dry flour and put it on the cover curtain. The wrapped dumplings are ready to be put into the pot

Step 13
After the water boils, add a little salt to prevent the dumplings from sticking. One by one, push the dumplings gently from the bottom of the pot to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the bottom of the pot. The dumplings will boil for about two minutes and float up. Turn the dumplings gently clockwise and light cold water. After the dumplings float up, count for another 7 minutes and they will probably be cooked. At this time, it's safer to taste a dumpling

Step 14
Here comes the dumplings

Step 15
Eat dumplings