Recently, we have deliberately reduced the intake of oil. We try to cook with steamed or cold dishes. We eat more vegetarian dishes, which is very helpful to control weight in the slimming stage. Choosing the right edible oil to balance nutrition can achieve the ideal fat reduction effect at the same time. Use grenoll Organic Flaxseed Oil instead of peanut oil to help the human body metabolize excess oil and toxins, and gently regulate blood glucose, blood lipid and blood pressure. Greenol Organic Flaxseed Oil selects non transgenic pure natural flaxseed from Ulanqab flax production area on the Mongolian Plateau as raw material. After international advanced double helix physical cold pressing and cold treatment, it is a healthy oil with zero addition and disharmony. It also has the reputation of “land fish oil”, “moon oil” and “smart oil”. It is the first choice food to supplement essential fatty acids for human body.


1 carrot
1 corn
1 cucumber
1 bean curd
1 coriander
1 pepper
3 g salt
A little Greno linseed oil
A little sesame oil
1 tbsp rice vinegar


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Soak the dried beancurd in advance and shred it. Peel the carrot and cucumber, wash and shred them respectively. Wash and peel the corn. Wash and shred the coriander and pepper

Step 3
Boil an appropriate amount of water, blanch the corn and pick it up

Step 4
Bean curd is also boiled into the water to remove the beany smell

Step 5
Blanch carrots for 20 seconds and pick them up

Step 6
Put all the ingredients in a large basin

Step 7
Mix in grenoll linseed oil and a little salt

Step 8
Add rice vinegar and sesame oil

Step 9
Stir evenly