Casserole rice tastes good and takes a short time to cook, but some vegetarians can’t eat it. I tentatively made the casserole rice, and it tastes good. With the iron frying pan, it’s also an attractive vegetarian dish.


200g rice
A carrot
A potato
6 garlic stems
A green onion
6 g ginger
3 ml soy sauce
4 ml fuel consumption
50g leek


Step 1
After washing, soak the rice more than half an hour in advance. The soaked rice is fully gelatinized in the steaming process, and the steamed rice is delicious. I use a 24 cm frying and casting iron pot with oil nozzles on both sides. The sealing is not good. Water vapor is easy to volatilize in the steaming process. The volume of water is 1.5 times that of rice.

Step 2
Cut garlic bolt into 6-8 mm segments, chopped scallion, leek, ginger, pickled with soy sauce and salt.

Step 3
Stir fry the diced potatoes and carrots out of the pot. Do not wash the oil on the wall of the pot. Directly pour the soaked rice into the pot. Bring it to a boil over high heat and turn it to a low heat to stew the rice (adjust the induction cooker from 2100W to 600W). Simmer for 10 minutes´╝ł I use a 24 cm yushimo frying and casting iron pot with oil nozzles on both sides, which can be covered with a wet wipe cloth to reduce water volatilization.)

Step 4
Ten minutes later, add fried potatoes, diced carrots, pickled garlic sprouts, scallions, chopped leeks, ginger, etc. in oyster sauce, and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Step 5
Turn off the heat and stir for a moment.

Step 6
Mix well and eat