Pistachio sister appetizer salted fish peptide rice casserole rice. Fresh wild sea fish are slightly pickled. The aroma of fresh peptide rice of salted fish blends in the soil pot at low temperature, with complete color and flavor. I don’t know whether Pisces girls will have a special liking. They must be children’s favorite. They are smarter to eat fish


150g rice
30g ginger
60g peptide algae nutrient powder
200g salted fish
Proper oil


Step 1
Simply wash the fresh sea fish, put Shanghai salt, and prepare to take it out to dry.

Step 2
2 pistachio sister's sea fish comes from Hailing Island and is slightly pickled. It is ventilated and dried in the sun for two or three hours at noon. It has a pure natural and good taste.

Step 3
After an hour and a half, turn the fish over and heat it evenly.

Step 4
Prepare all natural and original ingredients.

Step 5
In the above two comparison pictures, careful friends will find that the second one has a small plate filled with powder, that is, the legendary oligopeptide. Pour 6G into 150g water and soak it in 150g rice for half an hour to become peptide rice. Oligopeptide is an important component of protein, an important component of oligopeptide is amino acid, and the absorption of human nutrition is based on amino acid, Adding oligopeptides is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

Step 6
Put the ingredients into the pot in layers. Put shredded ginger on the top to give full play to the freshness of ginger. Heat it on the fire for 8 minutes.

Step 7
After cooking in a clay pot for 8 minutes at low temperature, turn off the fire and simmer a little. The fish tastes delicious. Pisces girls must have a special liking.