It’s a good season for pineapples to go on the market now. The fruit shop is next to the common market. The business is very hot. There is a special person who keeps peeling pineapples there. About a box of pineapples costs 10 yuan. I think it’s cheap. The key is that it’s really sweet and not sour at all. For me who like to eat sweets, I really have no resistance!


130g pineapple
160 grams fillet
A little green pepper
A little red pepper
1 teaspoon salt
A little soy sauce
A little yellow rice wine
3 tablespoons ketchup
A small amount of starch


Step 1
Dice pineapple. If the pineapple is sour, it needs to be soaked in brine. My pineapple is very sweet and can be eaten directly without soaking

Step 2
Cut green pepper and red pepper into triangles

Step 3
Dice the tenderloin and marinate with salt, soy sauce, wine and starch

Step 4
Add dry starch and a small amount of water, grasp well by hand, so that each piece of diced meat is covered with starch, about the consistency as shown in the figure. Some people dip in dry starch directly, or they can

Step 5
Add oil in the pot, heat to about 45% heat, coat the diced meat with powder, fry in the pot one by one, pay attention not to stick. You can put the side of the pot, a few pieces less each time, can reduce the amount of oil

Step 6
Fry until the color is yellowish, then take it out immediately and set aside

Step 7
Leave the bottom oil, add the right amount of ketchup and a small amount of water, low heat until thick, bubble

Step 8
Add the diced meat and stir fry until evenly covered with sauce

Step 9
Add green and red pepper, stir fry a few times

Step 10
Finally, add the diced pineapple, stir fry quickly and remove from the pot