Recently, Zhang Liang seduced a long lost dish by looking at the Chinese restaurant. He was drooling while looking at it, so he tossed it on himself


A fillet
Two green and red peppers
Half a pineapple
A spoonful and a half of sugar
1 g white pepper
An egg
Right amount of sweet potato starch
Proper amount of flour
Three teaspoons ketchup
Proper amount of water starch


Step 1
You can prepare tenderloin or plum blossom

Step 2
Cut into even pieces

Step 3
Add appropriate amount of sugar, white pepper, a little cooking wine and water, stir well

Step 4
Pineapples from the supermarket

Step 5
Cut into small pieces and soak in salt water

Step 6
Cut green and red peppers into diamond shaped pieces

Step 7
Just marinate the meat into an egg, stir well

Step 8
Proper amount of water starch

Step 9
Mix the starch with a little flour

Step 10
Then slowly add it to the marinated meat bowl again and again

Step 11
The powder can wrap all over the meat,

Step 12
It's better to prepare a deeper small pot

Step 13
Deep fry until the skin is yellowish and take it out first

Step 14
The oil in the pan is heated again

Step 15
Put some oil in the pan, stir fry the pineapple with green peppers until it's half cooked, and then put it out for later use

Step 16
Re oil the pan

Step 17
Heat over low heat until the ketchup is thick

Step 18
When the sauce is completely mixed, add the fried meat and stir fry until it is covered with sauce

Step 19
Finally, put in the previously fried green and red pepper pineapple, stir evenly, you can get out of the pot

Step 20
A piece of meat and a piece of pineapple

Step 21
As a snack, I'll finish eating a plate

Step 22
On the balcony

Step 23
Everyone really strong to spend a period of no one to help no one to support the day, all things are their own, all emotions are only their own know, but as long as the teeth to support the past, everything will be different, I believe that as long as you persist and work hard, everything will be better