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100 grams fillet
50g pineapple
15g green pepper
15g carrot
10 g Auricularia auricula
Appropriate amount of green onion
An egg
Appropriate amount of garlic
15g ketchup
20G starch
10g white vinegar
10g cooking wine
10 g granulated sugar


Step 1
Applicable age: over 3 years old

Step 2
Cut pork tenderloin into square chunks, pineapple into square chunks, green pepper into meat pieces of similar size, carrot into oblique slices, green onion into oblique sections, ginger into thin slices, Auricularia auricula into small pieces, garlic into slices.

Step 3
Pour in cooking wine, salt, egg white and marinate for 15 minutes.

Step 4
The tenderloin is evenly covered with starch.

Step 5
The first time you pour oil in a hot pan, the amount of oil should not exceed the meat, the oil temperature should be controlled at about 50%, and the meat color can be golden.

Step 6
It's very important for the second re frying. The oil temperature should be controlled at 70-80% and it should be fished out in about half a minute.

Step 7
Pour the tomato sauce into the pot, then pour in the scallion, ginger and garlic until the sauce is sour and sweet. Stir fry, then pour in water and sugar.

Step 8
Boil the soup for about 3-5 minutes, then add salt, green pepper, agaric, pineapple and white vinegar.

Step 9
Finally, add the starch.

Step 10
Put the previously fried meat pieces into the pot to blend the pineapple aroma into the fried tenderloin.

Step 11
After the soup is thick, it can be served.