Pineapple ancient meat is a famous dish in Guangdong. It’s sour, sweet and delicious. It’s crispy outside and tender inside. It’s suitable for all ages. In fact, it’s a good dish for the new year. Coupled with a pineapple boat, green and red pepper, it’s beautiful in color and novel in style. Let’s have a look. It’s simple.


200g plum head meat
1 pineapple
1 persimmon pepper
1 egg
1 red pepper
100g lettuce


Step 1
Get all the important ingredients ready

Step 2
Cut the meat into 0.4 cm thick slices

Step 3
Cut some scallions and ginger and soak in cold water. Set aside scallions and ginger water

Step 4
Cut the pineapple and dig the core (try to make it whole)

Step 5
Cut the green and red peppers into triangular pieces, and cut the excavated pineapple into triangular pieces

Step 6
Soak the scallion and ginger in water for more than ten minutes, put a little salt on the meat slice, grab it, and then beat the scallion and ginger water little by little (if the meat is good, it is relatively dry, so the water drawing is very smooth. After grasping a few times, it will suck in, and then beat it a little until the meat feels soft and sticky)

Step 7
Break up the eggs, put the cornflour on a plate, and then an empty plate for standby. Then dip the meat with egg liquid first, and then cornflour

Step 8
Cut the lettuce into shreds, cut the red pepper into shreds, code well, put the dug pineapple boat in, sit in the oil until it is 80% hot, and fry the meat with powder

Step 9
  Sit in a pot with a little oil. Don't wait for the oil to heat up. Stir fry the tomato sauce over a low heat to produce flavor and brown oil, then add white vinegar, sugar and salt (if you feel less juice, put a little water to boil), thicken, and then put some clean oil to brighten the thicken

Step 10
Fry the fried meat, boiled green and red pepper and pineapple, and let the juice wrap evenly on the raw materials