1 carrot
1 pig's hoof
1 corn
50g soybeans
10g scallion
5g ginger slices
5g cooking wine
Proper amount of water


Step 1
Peel one carrot and cut it into hob pieces. Cut 10g scallion, 5g ginger slices, 1 corn ring and 1 pig's hoof into pieces

Step 2
Pour 50g soybeans into a bowl, pour 150ml water and soak for 15 minutes

Step 3
Put the pig's feet into the pot in cold water, pour 5g cooking wine, blanch the water to remove the fishiness and blood foam

Step 4
Pour pig's trotters into the pot, add soybeans, scallions and ginger slices, bring to a boil, and then pour corn and carrots

Step 5
Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes