Chinese New Year is less than big fish and meat. It’s easy to get tired of eating these greasy dishes. A few refreshing dishes may be more popular. Every winter, we always make pig skin jelly in the north. The q-bomb is refreshing and greasy. It will be robbed every time we serve.


500g pig skin
20G scallion and ginger
4 g salt
A piece of cinnamon
A little raw
2.3 diced star anise


Step 1
Ingredients: 500g clean pig skin, 2 anise, a small amount of onion and ginger, a small piece of cinnamon, 20g raw soy sauce and 4G salt

Step 2
Boil water first, put the pig skin in and cook for 5 minutes. The purpose of boiling water is to show the fat on the pig skin.

Step 3
Remove the hair on the surface of the pig skin and scrape off the white fat inside with a fruit knife. Oil is not conducive to solidification

Step 4
Clean the pig skin and cut it into small strips of 1-2 cm

Step 5
After changing the water, go through the pigskin strips and remove the excess foam and oil. Add half onion, ginger and star anise cinnamon to add flavor

Step 6
Cook for 2 minutes and remove the pork skin strips

Step 7
Put the pig skin into the rice cooker, add four bowls of water, add green onion, ginger, star anise, raw soy sauce and a little salt. Make a crystal clear pig skin jelly without raw soy sauce

Step 8
Press the cooking function to cook for 90 minutes. When the time is up, pour out the boiled pig skin soup, cover the pot, wrap a convenience bag and put it outdoors. Using the outdoor natural cold temperature, it can solidify into crystal pig skin jelly in one night.

Step 9
Take it back in the morning. It's solidified very well. Natural refrigerator is convenient. Then cut into small pieces, cut into rectangular thin slices, and serve with garlic sauce.

Step 10
Chinese New Year's big fish and meat are too greasy. The refreshing q-bomb pig skin jelly is more popular. Pig skin jelly is also rich in nutrition. It contains a lot of collagen and has the effect of beauty. Big girls, little daughters-in-law and beautiful women should eat more pig skin jelly. Don't be fat for three times during the new year